Training teachers to use technology and innovation in meaningful ways in the learning process can be very challenging. Fred has met that challenge and empowered our community to use 21st Century tools, 1:1 iPads, digital citizenship, robotics and design thinking constructs to augment the learning experience for all our students, teachers and parents. He also helped lead the transformation of our traditional and static computer lab to a dynamic and student-centered flexible-collaborative-makerspace. Fred has been a valuable and trusted member of our Schools of the Sacred Heart community.

Angela Taylor Head of School, Convent Elementary, Schools of the Sacred Heart, San Francisco September 1, 2017

Working with Fred has been a highlight of my EdTech career. Fred brings an unparalleled energy and enthusiasm for enhancing education through the use of cutting edge technology. Fred’s deep knowledge base, willingness to grow and learn, and all around great attitude makes him a pleasure to work with.

Leigh Northrup Dean of Innovation & Technology, The Cannon School September 12, 2017

"I had the pleasure of working with Fred for six years at Schools of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco, California. Together, we developed a program founded in Design Thinking allowing our students to explore passions they never knew they had, face opportunities for failure constructively, and become moonshot thinkers. Fred's guidance, support, and insight allowed me to find new ways to integrate technology in manners that truly transformed my instruction. He celebrates the process of learning rather than focusing merely on end products. Any school or organization would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Fred!"

Kellie Mullin Head of School, St. Raymond School September 12, 2017

I worked with Fred during his entire tenure at Stuart Hall for Boys and, especially, when he was our technology education innovator. He mentored not only my students, but me as well, in new ways to engage in literature by using an interest in technology. He explained to my 8th graders both Photoshop and the newer Canva, helping them to illustrate family stories that made them highly engaging. My 5th graders benefitted from his instruction about the appropriate use of technology in communicating with adults and peers. Above all, Fred is a collaborative problem solver, who uses his myriad and extensive skills to support teachers and students in finding creative ways to incorporate technology as a learning tool.

Ann Gigounas English/Study Skills Teacher, Stuart Hall for Boys, Schools of the Sacred Heart September 12, 2017

...Fred is a professional to the core. He is a solid teacher with a great ability to motivate students using interesting and age appropriate assignments. He works diligently to improve upon his instructional methodologies. In addition, he is willing to share his knowledge with others...

Head of School September 12, 2017

Fred was always on the forefront of identifying and the rapidly changing technical skills that students would need as adults.

Dean of the Middle Form (Gr. 5-8) September 12, 2017

Fred Jaravata is simply the best. I have worked with Fred for well over 15 years and he has guided me with wisdom, patience, and expertise in all things tech. Fred's extraordinary wealth of knowledge in tech curriculum, resources, and professional development has been a game changer in my career. Count your blessings if you find yourself lucky enough to work alongside such a gifted educator.

Mary Kay Leveroni Educational Therapist September 12, 2017

"When putting together a faculty training or conference, Fred is one of the first people on my list of experts- his breadth of knowledge, empathy, humor and many years of experience make him an ideal maker facilitator and EdTech coach. An outstanding person and an unparalleled educator."

Nicholas Cole-Farrell Director of Technology and Making, The Brandeis School of San Francisco September 12, 2017

Fred is a genuine motivator who knows his mission in life which is to introduce and advocate innovative learning tools to teachers, parents, and children. He is personable and relatable which is why he can get the most out of those he teaches.

Edward Soriano Director of Youth Development September 12, 2017

Fred Jaravata breathes new life to the teaching and learning process. His focus on honoring the individual journeys of students is not only compelling, it is an absolute necessity in and out of the classroom for both educators and students alike. In just an hour, I’ve gained a completely new perspective on STEM education, and my place in it as an advocate and volunteer in my community.

Gina Choi Strategic Account Manager - Microsoft September 12, 2017

“In some ways likeability is the most important thing look for in a podcast-Fred and Sharon have that. The information and ideas they share are great but their rapport and delivery make this a podcast look forward to every week. Keep it up!”

B+Teacher Apple Podcasts January 28, 2015

“Fred and Sharon form a great podcasting duo! I love the tips, perspectives, and general banter!!! Keep the episodes coming!”

Blood99 Apple Podcasts May 1, 2015

“Although their podcast is intended for teachers, I have found it beneficial as a parent. Just like every parent,  I Want the best for my kids. I feel frustrated at times When I am unable to encourage my kids to do what is best for them. I appreciate the that the podcast allows me insight to What all the teachers have learned in school, as to how to deal with children on a day to day basis. It is also interesting to hear their point of view about the joys and difficulties that teachers encounter in the school system. Keep up the good Work and Share on!… (haha ha., just noticed that Share. On Sharon)” 

RS_925 Apple Podcasts September 28, 2015

I’ve found the information Teaching Bites have been posting on social media very helpful when it comes to further developing my knowledge in the K-8 education space. The 4th podcast episode explaining the Hour of Code national education initiative was very insightful. I’m looking forward to future episodes.” 

Eb Ed Apple Podcasts May 16, 2016

“Fred, I just wanted to thank you for getting me set up on ScreenFlow after I ran into trouble doing so on my own. I really appreciate how open you are to helping those around you, even though you have mammoth tasks already on your plate. Again, thank you.” 

Dean of Students (Gr. 5-8) September 16, 2017

Once again, you have gone above and beyond!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!! These resources and the website will have us in the right century in no time!! Thank you for saving the day!!! FYI: You would be a tech king of you came here!

Lauren R. 5/6th Grade Science Teacher September 16, 2017

“Helpful to hear from Fred and Sharon from the classroom point of view. Ed-technologists need to hear what Works, thanks!

startmeup2467 Apple Podcasts September 16, 2017

I was referred to Teaching Bites by a friend. I have enjoyed listening to Fred and Sharon share informative and relevant teaching tidbits and resources… more importantly, I feel that they give just the right amount of information. The topics they have discussed are current and interesting.

Stephen T. Apple Podcasts September 16, 2017

“Fred, it was a delight to meet you today.  Thanks so much for sharing your experience.  Next time I head up your way, I will look to be in touch and visit!”-Assistant Head of School

Assistant Head of School September 16, 2017

I listen to Fred and Sharon on my way to work. Good teaching tips.

PhillyTeacher12 Apple Podcasts September 16, 2017