“Fred, I just wanted to thank you for getting me set up on ScreenFlow after I ran into trouble doing so on my own. I really appreciate how open you are to helping those around you, even though you have mammoth tasks already on your plate. Again, thank you.” – Dean of Students

“You have been invaluable as the 7th and 8th grade girls continue to work on their 20% projects. Without your support, I would feel quite overwhelmed responding to the numerous technological questions that arise during each session. You have also done an amazing job, of helping girls find the resources our school can provide for their projects (like cameras, tripods, and better computer equipment).” Kellie M., 7/8th Grade Science Teacher

“Once again, you have gone above and beyond!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!! These resources and the website will have us in the right century in no time!! Thank you for saving the day!!! FYI: You would be a tech king of you came here!” Lauren R. 5/6th Grade Science Teacher

“Truly, this is phenomenal information!! Absolutely stellar and wonderful!! You will be our mountain top to strive for!”

“Thank you Fred, for representing our school last Saturday, May 3rd at EdREV 2014: Step Into a New Era of Learning at AT&T Park. You chose to set-up a booth and show off great innovations going on at our school – all during the valued weekend.  Thank you from all of us.” 

I’ve found the information Teaching Bites have been posting on social media very helpful when it comes to further developing my knowledge in the K-8 education space. The 4th podcast episode explaining the Hour of Code national education initiative was very insightful. I’m looking forward to future episodes.” -Ed S.

“i found this to be very useful, concise and appropriate for my teaching goals. While i would love more specific examples and something in the way of showing quantifiable/measurable results of the advice given, i get why the podcasters want to keep the sessions short. It makes the message easier to digest.” – Jerry C.

“Started listening to the first couple of shows. Overall good find and very informative. Keep the good work up. I like Fred and Sharon” 

“In some ways likeability is the most important thing look for in a podcast-Fred and Sharon have that. The information and ideas they share are great but their rapport and delivery make this a podcast look forward to every week. Keep it up!” -K.I.

“Although their podcast is intended for teachers, I have found it beneficial as a parent. Just like every parent,  I Want the best for my kids. I feel frustrated at times When I am unable to encourage my kids to do what is best for them. I appreciate the that the podcast allows me insight to What all the teachers have learned in school, as to how to deal with children on a day to day basis. It is also interesting to hear their point of view about the joys and difficulties that teachers encounter in the school system. Keep up the good Work and Share on!… (haha ha., just noticed that Share. On Sharon)” – C.J.W. 

“I was referred to Teaching Bites by a friend. I have enjoyed listening to Fred and Sharon share informative and relevant teaching tidbits and resources… more importantly, I feel that they give just the right amount of information. The topics they have discussed are current and interesting.” Stephen T.

“Helpful to hear from Fred and Sharon from the classroom point of view. Ed-technologists need to hear what Works, thanks!

“Fred and Sharon form a great podcasting duo! I love the tips, perspectives, and general banter!!! Keep the episodes coming!”

“Really enjoy your podcast!” – John C. D.

“Fred, it was a delight to meet you today.  Thanks so much for sharing your experience.  Next time I head up your way, I will look to be in touch and visit!”-Assistant Head of School