Standardized Testing’s Over, Now What? Fun & Engaging Ideas for Your Class After the Big Test

Teachers- need projects to keep your kids engaged after standardized testing?  Their brains are already fried, so here are some fun, educational, and engaging ideas you can do with your class.  Click on the link below for the PDF and be sure to click on the links!  Several of those links are affiliate links.  This means that at no additional cost to you, we will be earning a small percentage if you decide to purchase something.  However, please only purchase an item if you feel it could be useful for you and your students.  Please pass this along to other teachers who may be interested!

Standardized Testing’s Over! Now What- (4)

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Brush Bots: these kits are a fun way to teach circuitry as students build their own robots using very few materials.

Snap Circuits– these kits teach students the concept of circuitry.  Either solo or in groups, students can use the guidebook to follow projects and when they feel confident, create their own. 

Snap Circuits, Jr.: build over 100 projects

Snap Circuits: build over 300 projects

Social Studies– service project: solve local problem- ex-save water, local landmark research project

Coding with Scratch

Robot Turtles– Finally, a board game that teaches coding/computer programming!  It’s a great introduction to coding and a great off-line way to practice coding concepts while having fun.

Reader’s Theater– divide your students into groups, make copies of black line masters of scripts from a book or have your students convert a beloved story of their choice into a script.  The key here is to give students choice!

Movie Making (directing, scripting- iMovie)

BrainPop Student Movie– take any curricular concept that you’ve already taught and have your students create BrainPop style videos to teach their classmates with Tim and Moby .  A great way to see if your students achieved that standard! 

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