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About UsYes, it’s true, we’re married with two very cute, active young boys (well, at least we think so).  Together, we have over 28 years of practical teaching experience in both the K-8 public and independent school systems in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We are still very much in love with teaching, even after all these years and all the changes it has gone through like NCLB/RTT and the Common Core State Standards.

Who is Sharon? I’m a 3rd grade public school teacher in San Francisco and have been teaching for over 14 years.  I’ve taught grades 2-5, but have spent the majority of my career teaching 3rd grade.  I am passionate about project based learning and pride myself on my classroom management and parent engagement skills.  Getting my students to be independent learners and thinkers is one of the many reasons why I love teaching 3rd grade!  In the spirit of always trying to keep things fresh and relevant in my classroom, I love learning from colleagues, students and other educators like you!

Who is Fred? I’m a K-8 Educational Innovation Coordinator for a private independent school also in San Francisco and have been teaching for over 16 years. In my school of over 1,100 K-12 students, faculty and staff, I’ve actively helped develop, coordinate and train our community in our 1:1 iPad and laptop program.  In 2013,  I helped re-imagine and design the transformation of our computer lab into a maker and flexible space. And it’s AWESOME!

Some of the stuff I do include training K-8 teachers on Google Apps For Education, 1:1 iPad program, Lego Robotics, Coding, Design Thinking, Curriculum Design, Digital Citizenship, 3D Printing and a few more

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Over the years, I had the privilege to present in local and national educational conferences and workshops like ISTE, CAIS, EdREV, ATLIS. I’m looking forward to present at three conferences in 2016.  I’ll be sharing:

Leading Cultural Change From Within Your Makerspace

Many schools are looking to establish a maker-space in their community. This will be a hands-on presentation of how makerspaces are affecting schools on a cultural level. In order to be truly transformative in the lives of our students we have had to embrace the idea that we must break down the traditional order that schools impose and rebuild from a true 21st century perspective. Students and faculty have to learn to value experimentation, collaboration, innovation and failure. This is the most important role of teachers within a maker-space.

Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) April 17-20 in Atlanta, GA

iTeach 2016 in San Domenico School, Marin, CA, June 20-21, 2016

The Design and Maker Class Colloquium (DMCC by California Teacher Development Collaborative) at the Windward School in L.A. August 8-9, 2016


We spend a lot of time sharing ideas on our couch while our kids are bouncing around and thought: “Why don’t we start a community where we can share ideas with each other?”  We’ve even started a popular podcast on iTunes doing this!  Being teachers ourselves, we know we don’t have enough TIME.  Juggling all the different responsibilities and wearing many hats, there is very little time to go learn more about what we LOVE.  We hope we can help!  We truly and wholeheartedly want to help you make your job easier by providing you with bite-sized teaching tips and quick wins that you can use right away.  Why make more work for you?  We know first hand that sometimes PD’s can be long, overwhelming one-shot deals with little or no follow up support and even boring!  There are a lot of websites out there that truly are trying to help us out. But sometimes, there is just too much impractical wordy jargon and theory that can frustrate even the best of us teachers.


Our goal for this blog is to help you, our colleague, with practical first hand knowledge with “quick wins.” Along with sharing best practices, consider us “beta testers” as we are continually trying out the newest things in teaching and sharing the most practical best practices.  You’ll see our successes and even our struggles.  Hopefully, you can take a thing or two for your own teaching. We want to empower you so that you can give your students the best, most amazing learning experiences that will help them be life-long learners.

With honesty and a passion to truly help you, we want you to BE AWESOME!  With this, we welcome any and all honest questions, thoughts and ideas to help this blog be valuable to you.  Please use the contact form below and we promise to get back to you!  Also, if you see that this blog is in anyway useful, please consider subscribing and pass our blog onto your colleagues!  Thank you for taking the time in getting to know us!  Fred & Sharon

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