4th Grade Election Prediction Presentation

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my seven 4th graders used Google Slides to create their presentation displaying results for the election prediction project.  Thank goodness for Google Slides because they worked together without being in the same room and there wasn’t much time in school to work on it!  They had used slides for a previous project, so they were still learning its interface, etc.

I taught them about the comments feature and respecting each others’ work.  Comments were for feedback, questions and they could not just delete someone else’s work without consultation.  Then, I noticed that the girls were using comments as a chat forum! Wow- I didn’t expect that!  I emailed them to let them know its purpose so that they will use the comments appropriately. Something to note for the future.

They worked on the slides during one lunch period and the rest during the Thanksgiving holiday.  Then, afterwards, they spent one lunch period practicing their presentation.  I only guided them with a few questions:

1) What is the project?
2) How we collected data
3) Was our prediction correct?
4) How we analyzed the data (using percentages, comparing, etc.)
5) How we worked together
6) What were the successes?
7) What were the struggles?
They presented on a day I’m not normally there, so my colleague recorded it for me!  Considering the short time it took to create this presentation and presenting it after a week of Thanksgiving break, I heard from colleagues that the girls did a wonderful job! See for yourself in the video!
Reflecting on this first project for both the girls and I, I know that for the next project, each 4th grade group will engage in their own project as it was very tricky to get the girls together outside of our groups to collaborate on the Election Prediction project.  At the same time, I know they are capable of doing a combined project should they choose to do so in the future.  This was not only a very relevant project, but helped me figure out this math specialist thing while getting to know the girls!
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Sharon Jaravata

Sharon is a 3rd grade public school teacher.

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