3rd Grade Dream City Presentation

Wow! What a school year- time flew by and my 3rd graders finally presented their Dream City project! Whether or not you’ve been following my Math Specialist Journey, this is my 3rd graders’ year long project!  The city was called HACPILA- the acronym for each girl’s name!  Our year long project finally culminated into two parts: 1) a presentation to the K-8 girls and 2) a display in the school lobby.

For the presentation, my girls used Keynote on their iPads to create a slide show presentation.  This showed pictures of the project as a whole and those of each section as well.  I didn’t get a chance to video tape and take pictures of their presentation, but essentially, the girls gave a brief background of the project (diameter, circumference, Pi, the thinking behind the city and country flags and how they collaborated), then each girl talked about her section of the city and the reasoning around placement of certain buildings, etc.  You can see the Keynote here- 3rd grade presentation! Afterwards, many teachers and students told me how impressed they were on not only the presentation but the complexity of the project!

I wanted to make sure that the school saw the PROCESS of this year-long project as there was a lot of work, thinking, tweaking, collaborating and critical thinking that went into this!  So, we displayed the project in the lobby and along the circumference, showed pictures of the steps involved along with captions.  See the pictures in the slideshow below! Be sure to check out my other posts about the process of this project if you haven’t.  Enjoy!

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Sharon Jaravata

Sharon is a 3rd grade public school teacher.

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