003: How to Engage Students: Listening & Responding

TBP 003


Episode #3 How to Engage Students Listening & Responding

This is, the Teaching Bites Podcast.  The Unprofessional Development We Need.

  • Intro Question OR What’s this EP is About OR The Problem
    • Do you ever have a hard time trying to get your S to listen & respond?
  • Listening Ways
      • Ask 3, Then Ask Me
      • Think, Pair, Share directions/instructions
        • have partner share out what other said
        • reference vid in show notes of teacher rdg text/S TPS
      • Ask S to explain concept to whole class/group; TRIBES
      • Talking piece
      • Clamshell for devices (iPads, laptops)
  • Fun Fact Headphones (1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin, who made them by hand in his kitchen and sold them to the United States Navy.
    • John C. Koss, jazz musician from Milwaukee produced first stereo headphones
    • Signal word to start (“GO!”)
  • Responding Ways
    • Think, Pair, Share- thumbs up, then share
      • TP Group Share
      • POW Share (partner of week, use milling to music [Spotify, iTunes, radio, etc.- all resources], why I use it- get to know partner, so S get up, use for select activities, NOT all!)
    • equity sticks- each S’s name on a popsicle stick, helps me call on ALL students
    • Move around class to answer questions using cardinal directions (ex- North=yes, South= no, etc.)
    • Check for understanding
      • exit ticket; standing and answering questions
      • how do you feel about this strategy? thumbs up, side, down; stand up to show how many questions they got wrong on an assignment
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“Presenterator” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0



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