116: Let Them Lead The Way

Today, we go over Sharon’s new 6th grade position and figure out how to innovate the curriculum. Luckily, we have the new awesome books, Empower (AJ Juliani & John Spencer) and Spark Learning (Ramsey Musallam) to help lead the way for us. Or better yet, let the students lead the way.  

We lightly go over what some of our takeaways are from these books, but a more comprehensive review is coming that will include two to three other book that we think are the best books for today modern teacher.

Plus, you’ll hear Sharon’s new teaching philosophy!  I bet y it’ll sound peculiarly familiar to you–but still very powerful.

See you in the episode!

Links mentioned this episode:  Episode #40 and Sharon’s free resource Stress-Free Classroom pdf

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Fred Jaravata

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