113: How to Rock Your Next Presentation and How to Teach It with Jessica Chang Irish

Do you get butterflies when you have to give a presentation?  Do you shy away from giving presentations or have a hard time engaging your audience?  Well, this episode is for you!  Jessica and I grew up together and have stayed dear friends ever since! We wanted to bring her on our show as she coaches clients on how to get over their fear of public speaking, helps them with job interviews and how to confidently craft their presentation message.  This episode fits nicely into our Teaching Bites Teacher Lifestyle quadrant- “Professional” & “Relationships”!

Jessica Chang Irish is an Emmy Award winning news reporter and producer with more than a decade of experience in TV news reporting and production. She also has seven years of experience in marketing and outreach for universities and community organizations.  Jessica serves as a marketing consultant for the Valley Sierra Business Alliance Small Business Development Center and marketing director for Stanislaus Community Foundation, as well as a board member for Turlock Young Professionals and the Turlock Certified Farmers Market.
Here are her tips on how to manage your fear! She also discusses tips for starting off your presentation and your next Powerpoint as well as how to keep your audience engaged from beginning to end.  If you want more, she provides one on one coaching and/or workshops, so check out her website-Jessica Chang Consulting! Enjoy!

How to manage your fear

  • Reframe the negative questions you ask yourself with positive ones. “What will happen if I knock it out of the park?”
  • Visualize your presentation
  • See your presentation as a conversation vs. a performance
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Try “power posing” before the presentation
  • Come to terms with audience expressions

Links mentioned:

Jessica Chang Consulting Website

Jessica Chang Consulting Facebook Page

Confessions of A Public Speaker by Scott Berkun

Brene Brown TED Talk- The Power of Vulnerability– “Stories are data with a soul”

Amy Cuddy TED Talk- Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are – power posing

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