112: Problem-Based vs. Project-Based Learning

It’s my turn to surprise Fred this time with a new podcast episode! So, what’s the difference between problem-based and project-based learning and what should brand new teachers start with?  We talk about their interchangeability and how no matter which one you do, teachers should be the head learners in an environment where they are learning along with their students.  Projects should take the learning deeper, be meaningful and purposeful.  Integrating multiple curricular areas gives you more bang for your buck and group projects encourage 21st Century Skills– the 4C’s- Creativity, Collaboration, Communication & Critical Thinking.  Finally, be sure to teach your student Digital Citizenship skills so they can discern real vs. fake news!  Check out George Couros’ book, The Innovator’s Mindset.  Enjoy!

Music by the Passion HiFi www.thepassionhifi.com

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Sharon Jaravata

Sharon is a 3rd grade public school teacher.

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