107: SXSW for Teachers??

SXSW Edu for Teachers

Imagine a festival that has great food, music, movies and designed for teachers.  What am I talking about?

Last week, during March 5-9th, 2017, Fred attended SXSWEdu that as you can tell, is for teachers.  Set in amazing Austin, TX, Fred, along with his colleague, attended SXSWEdu to not only check out the latest good things happening in the world of education but to also had a mission to see how it would be to send our faculty to go in the future.

Fred breaks down his experience at SXSWEdu with Sharon, who was stuck at home with sick kids.  Did Fred like it?  Well, let’s just say he struggled with it a bit. Find out why in this episode.

Here are the links mentioned:

Here, Dr. Christopher Emdin of Columbia’s Teacher College,  gives the opening keynote–it blew Fred’s mind and already made it worth it!

Here is Sara Goldrick-Rab

Here is the shocking and compelling Tower documentary about the 1966 sniper shooting at the University of Texas in Austin.

SXSWEdu 2017 Session Podcasts–so useful as there were many good ones to go, but had many time conflicts between them:

Music By The Passion HiFi

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Fred Jaravata

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