106: It Doesn’t Take An Einstein To Make Difference with TpT Author Lessia Bonn

Lessia Bonn started playing piano at 5 years old as she comes from a family of classical musicians.  By the time she was 10 years old, she was soloing with symphonies!  She uses her classical background to write songs for kids and sees herself as not only a counselor but a teacher as well.  Her songs help kids build confidence, give them strategies to deal with bullying and being mindful.  Retta London, a TpT author, reached out to Lessia to co-create a year-long ELA program with her songs.

When Lessia lived in Santa Barbara (my alma mater is UCSB!), she formed an informal choir called “Lessia’s Crew” where her students would bring her their problems and as a result, Lessia wrote songs for them.  Later on, she moved to Sonoma, CA and started Bullyproof.  She had so many songs and no crew anymore, so a Santa Barbara teacher suggested that she put her songs up on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Her teaching tip is to have a sense of humor and she struggles with staying disciplined as she works from home.  Vegas Pro and Powerpoint are her favorite tools to create her songs and products and she loves the TpT forums as well.  She loves collaborating with people from all over the world and has a guest blog on Edutopia- “Teens, Song and the Language of Connection”.

Listen to a sample of her song, “Einstein”- It doesn’t take an Einstein to make a difference and notice the cool line: I don’t think so!  She writes multilayered songs with spunkiness so they can last throughout the years.  She suggests books about human nature and psychology and gives her insight to the difference between teaching boys and girls.

To save you time, she suggests that teacher authors find the time of day that you work best so that you are the most efficient and clear.  Be your authentic best self before you worry about your products and if they sell.  Being a TpT author has helped her gain deep respect for teachers.  Find out why she didn’t sign a music contract and how her Crew was approached by Hollywood!  Finally, listen to the passion in her voice and check out her products in her TpT store! Enjoy!

I Am Bullyproof TpT Store

I Am Bullyproof Website


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