103: How Subbing Helped Me Become A Better Teacher

Before I started teaching, I substituted around the SFUSD to get a feel for the schools before I applied for a job in the fall.  I vaguely remember subbing in many elementary schools around the city while trying to develop myself as a teacher.  Then, once I started teaching in my own classrooms, I had very few opportunities to observe other teachers (besides casually dropping into my colleagues’ rooms for a quick questions).  Fast forward fifteen years until this past year when i decided to take the year off.  I decided to sub at Convent & Stuart Hall to help me gain more income.  And of course, you all know, my Math Specialist position fell into my lap and I am so grateful to be doing that one day a week and subbing on the other days!

Yes, subbing helped with my income, but what I didn’t realize was how much I would learn when I stepped into those classrooms!  I loved observing the classroom management techniques (my passion!), classroom layouts and various work flow systems!  There is so much to learn and subbing has opened my eyes to even better ways of teaching.  While I thought I would never teach middle school, I may consider it in the future.  As compared to my early subbing experience and now that I have fifteen years of teaching experience under my belt, I feel that I was definitely ready for any classroom and any age level.  This is great professional development and has got me thinking about how I might change my classroom for the new school year!

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Fred Jaravata

Fred is a K-12 Educational Innovation Consultant with over 18 years of leadership and teaching experience.

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