102: Let’s Go On A Teacher Lifestyle Journey!

We’ve been sharing tips and ideas for you for the past 2 years and now we want to address the bigger picture!  So, what is this bigger picture? We call it the Teaching Bites Lifestyle Template and we want you to reduce your stress, worry and health problems while increasing your joy, happiness and love for others!  Don’t you agree that we need to prevent burnout and sustain our teaching lifestyle?  In this template, you write your own goals for each quadrant: HEALTH, FINANCES, PROFESSIONAL AND RELATIONSHIPS.  For example, in health, we all need to work on eating healthier, increasing our quality of sleep, and engaging in deep breathing and meditation.  As you work on your goals, listen to our show as we offer tips and ideas for these four quadrants in the form of interviews with experts, articles, links, and videos, etc.

Another cool thing about this is that we want you to follow us as we tackle these four these big ideas as we have a lot to improve on.  Maybe we’ll include spirituality, too!  Do you have tips that work? Please share with your fellow teachers out there by joining/posting them on our private Facebook group- The Teaching Bites Community.  Or even posting on Instagram with the hashtag #TeachingBitesLifestyle!  Once again, here’s the FREE Teaching Bites Lifestyle Template that you can start using NOW! Cheers to all of us as we figure this all out!

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Sharon Jaravata

Sharon is a 3rd grade public school teacher.

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