101: Succeeding With Self-Motivation & Grit with Rhoda Toynbee

Meet Rhoda Toynbee of Rhoda Design Studios, everyone! As a mom, wife and teacher, she pushed through 9 years in all different grade levels, taught herself to code and now is a 3/4 grade teacher and teacher author on Teachers Pay Teachers.

We find out how she persevered through the constant shifting of classrooms and found a way to work while staying home with her young children!  You can feel the energy, passion and drive in her voice and we hope you find this episode inspiring and perhaps take positive action in your teaching career! You can even hear it in our voices on how impressed we were!

We dive in and find out how she intentionally tries to stand out amongst all of the teacher authors out there.   Listen to her advice as she breaks down how to have a life besides teaching.

One of Rhoda’s goals is to work on her social media presence, but in the meantime, she is driven to create her products for other teachers out there.  Find out how her love of art led her to teaching!

You can find Rhoda here:

Teachers Pay Teachers Store

Rhoda Design Website

Rhoda’s Pinterest Boards

Rhoda’s Instagram

Link mentioned: Two Boys and a Dad Productions TpT Store

Music by Jukedeck

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Sharon is a 3rd grade public school teacher.

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