098: People Like To See You’re Human with Charlee Iddon

While we were having our breakfast in the United States, our special guest, Charlee Iddon was about to have her dinner all the way across the pond in the United Kingdom!  Charlee has been teaching for five years in Kent, near London, and has already established herself all over social media where she shares her teaching ideas on her blog and runs her Teachers Pay Teachers Store (TpT)- The Ginger Teacher!  

She’s always wanted to be a teacher, so when her daughter was older, she went back to school to get her teaching certification.  She currently teaches year 3, which is 2nd grade in the U.S. and started blogging fun.  She was also a speaker at the BETT conference for ed tech teachers.  During her PGCE (post-graduate certificate in education), she was openly sharing all of her teaching resources so much that she was the go-to person.  Then, her colleague suggested she start charging for her work on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Find out how putting up a freebie, leaving it there and coming back to check up on it got her hooked!  How does she overcome the negative feedback and move on?  How does Tim Ferris’ book, The 4 Hour Chef help her business?  In her TpT store, she sells complete units of work (1 month or more of lessons), clip art, holiday, math, handwriting, history, back to school, science and English resources.  Check out her store!

You can find Charlee here:

The Ginger Teacher TpT Store




Email- thegingerteacher@gmail.com

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Sharon Jaravata

Sharon is a 3rd grade public school teacher.

2 thoughts on “098: People Like To See You’re Human with Charlee Iddon

  • January 14, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    A very enjoyable interview with a fellow educator across the pond! I’m also a big fan of Tim Ferris!

    • January 15, 2017 at 9:25 am

      Hi Donald- thanks for leaving us the nice comment! What do you teach & which Tim Ferris books do you like? Let us know how we can help! Have a good day!


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