093: Sharon’s Big Ideas Fest Experience

Contrary to typical sit and get curriculum PD’s that go in one ear and out the other, the Big Ideas Fest is my favorite PD yet!  It’s life-changing and the founder and CEO of ISKME, Lisa Petrides and her team, carefully and intentionally curated amazing speakers who are making positive changes in our world.  Weaved in between speakers is where I engaged in the Action Collab process in a small group setting.  Action Collabs are the design thinking process for educators in which you brainstorm any and all ideas in order to solve a problem without worrying about failing.  See picture below:













We engaged in improv exercises to get our brains thinking beyond our comfort zone.  The Action Collab process is definitely a great way to generate solutions to problems in both my personal and professional life!

I recommend this conference to not only educators but anyone looking to be inspired!  I met so many teachers from all over the country and am blown away by all of the positive energy and inspiration within a matter of 3 days!  I can’t wait to take this back to the classroom to find ways to solve problems. Thanks to Howard Levin, Angela Taylor, Liana O’Brien, my colleagues, Megan Simmons of ISKME and all of the people I met at BIF 2016, you are awesome!

Speakers and links mentioned:

Ashanti Branch– Founder of The Ever Forward Club, The Mask You Live In documentary (trailer)

Lena Alfi– Director of Strategic Partnerships, MECI (Middle East Children’s Institute)

Lesley Chilcott– Producer & Director of Code Girl

Jitu Brown– National Director, Journey for Justice Alliance- “Knowing what and why you wake up for every morning.

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Sharon is a 3rd grade public school teacher.

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