092: Maybe I’m Not So Bad After All with Jon Harper

As a former elementary school teacher, math coach and now vice principal, Jon Harper hosts his own podcast show called “My Bad”.  It’s part of the BAM Radio Network and it’s the show about how and what extraordinary educators learn by sharing their mistakes.  Listen to how he empowered a student to mentor younger students, which ultimately transformed that one student into an upstanding individual.  Discover how he uses Voxer to personally communicate with his teachers and educators at large!  Try out his cool classroom management technique that instantly grabs the attention of not only students, but adults as well. What does he mean when he says: “Maybe i’m not so bad after all”?  Get ready for a treat!

You can connect with him in these ways: jonharper70@gmail.com, @Jonharper70bd on Twitter, website/podcast.

Music by Jukedeck

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Sharon Jaravata

Sharon is a 3rd grade public school teacher.

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