027: Say What You Mean & Do What You Say with Stefanie Ng-Lee

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We had the wonderful opportunity to interview Stef: our dear friend, former teacher, godparents to our boys, stay at home mom, awesome chef and knitter!  Talk about talented!  Fred met her in college and we become godparents to her two girls.  She recommended me to her principal and I got the job I currently have at my school, what a blessing!  We watched each other’s kids grow up while living next door to each other- we are family.

Stefanie’s a-ha moment that inspired her to teach was listening to her first grade cousin read to her.  She was so amazed that she wanted to be a teacher!  She spent most of her teaching career as a 5th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher and made her no regrets decision to be a stay at home mom to her two girls.  Now 8 years removed from teaching, you can hear her passion for education and how it has helped her when it comes to homework time with her girls.

Follow Stefanie on her blog: woolycakesandwoodenspoons.com, on Instagram, and check our her knitting projects on www.ravelry.com (you must already be a Ravelry member to access). Enjoy!

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